Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day Two

Today I went as an adaptation of Sweet Lolita, I obviously can't afford to buy their dresses but I tried my best, A true Sweet Lolita would probably refer to mine as more of a casual Lolita adaptation. 
I must say i have never worn so much pink in my entire life. I felt a little like I was trapped in a four year old girls body. People oohed and aaahed and did just about everything cutesy besides tickling the underside of my chin. 

Also strangely enough more people wanted to hug me. HOW BIZARRE? 
I tried to be polite and soft spoken and someone even commented on the fact that I looked like i was about to cry.  I also got scoffed at, gawked at and sworn at indirectly:"what the f*** is she wearing?" And all this is the immediate space in and around Vega "a safe space" I didn't feel like myself at all so going with my defense mechanism I shut down a little and kept to myself.

I was also assaulted with people's ignorance of Japanese subcultures. When I mentioned Lolita in passing they had no idea what i was going on about. Most people asked me if I was a specific age. I just smiled politely and asked them to read my blog, no confrontation or direct disagreement.  I used some of my Japanese phrases but I couldn't muster the courage to start bowing yet.  I have never felt more removed from myself in my life. Maybe I'm also having a sensitive day. 

Here's a video I found on youtube  about sweet Lolita's.

And this was me.

Today was long and hard. Who knew being so polite and cute could be so draining.

sayounara oyasumi.

(good bye, good night)



  1. you are great, and despite the fact that you hate wearing colour, physically i think you made a great lolita.
    i think people coo'd at you because you are such a powerful character that it's unusual for you to be so reserved and "sweet".
    it was the only time they'll ever get to stroke your hair without getting kicked in the shins, and they're taking advantage.

  2. Is it wrong that I REALLY like that outfit? And that I think you look super cute?
    With less cutesy hair and more hardcore shoes I think this would be a rad look.

  3. Who are you anonymous's?
    thanks for the feedback