Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day Six

This is for today but i'm going to talk about last night and maybe a little of my feelings today.

After my friday day of feeling so sexualized and the dirty looks, pervy looks and snide,snarky comments I felt like I should go out and look like I could kick someones ass. Yep, you guessed it: Time for some japanese punk movement.

This decision could also be linked to my beautiful new shoes I wanted to showcase. They are the embodiment of BADASS and they make me taller (bonus).

So I was inspired by these girls:

Maybe this was a bit more into my comfort zone, but heck I needed a break from the pink. ( i hate pink: so so much.)

I was home alone so i couldn't get a photo of the whole look but heres some snippets:

great shoes no?

OKAY so my friend karl picked me up in his snazzy new car and he had a little giggle and poke at my hair.  But I think he got the general gist of what I was wearing. We then set off for cape town and the sushi craving set in so we went to the blue marlin in observatory for some primo soosh. I think anyone else would have gotten bored of me rattling off facts about japan and sushi etiquette but karl's a trooper and we have shared love of Japan. So i walked in and a rather large amount of heads turned all the servers were super duper polite to me and the sushi was amazing. People kept stealing furtive glances in my direction which for once I found amusing. I mean my hair was ridiculous and my outfit fitting to my a fore mentioned bad-ass-ity. I was feeling good. For the first time since I started this thing. YUSS.  ^_______________^

We then proceeded to an exhibition of some friends work in the industrial centre in woodstock which was cool and seeming as it was a relatively creative (open-minded) crowd they weren't too shocked by me. They probably just thought: "fucking hipster" .Whatevers!

After this we went to a show/gig at mercury live a fitting activity for my punkish personality.
The show was cool and the crowd not as "open-minded" as at the exhibition, girls in pretty floral dresses openly stared and i'm sure bitched behind their little palms covering their mouths in "sneaky" whispers.

This I am however used to even when not in character hence the majority of my friends being male. Other girls fake-accidentily pushed me to see how I would react. You'll be proud to know dear readers that I smiled politely and bowed. Which confused the bejesus out of them HAH!

I don't know why i felt so much better that evening it could be the liquid courage, the belly full of sushi, the good music and my new shoes. Or it could be because people didn't coo and try hug me. But rather didn't look me in the eyes or commented on how thin I looked. But all i know is it was a much needed break from the dump that was my week. 

heres a video from the pop-punk japanese band the pillows. (7)


  1. Didn't know about the experiment, just thought your friday outfit was awesome :) haha.

    I think this is super super cool and kudos for having the balls to stick it out. Look forward to hearing more.

  2. hehe thanks lady. i went as a mori girl today i think you'd dig it alot :)

  3. Awesome blog dearest, loving your intervention SO much. x