Monday, March 14, 2011

Day One

Let me start out by perhaps giving you some reference images. The majority of you may be unfamiliar as to what on earth I am going on about exactly.Or you may not realise the extent of what I mean by exhibitionism. I will touch on briefly some of the different subcultures.

These are images i have sourced from
A Mori Girl

Dolly Kei

Spank! Decora

Sweet Lolita

Gothic Lolita

Wa Lolita

So theres a glimpse of whats to come and i will go into more depths about these subcultures soon. As you can all see they are the extreme. Exaggerated and strange to a western eye.  Boy oh boy do they have guts.

I decided for my first day to draw different attributes from some of these styles and mash them together to ease myself into the transformation. i dyed over my brownish hair with hot pink. This was quite a change for me, pink isn't exactly a favorite colour of mine. 

This is what i came up with:
Wearing 3 clashing prints/patterns was really difficult with my OCD of co-ordinating everything. I felt really uncomfortable and when i went to the mall to buy some things i was gawked at which made me extremely self-conscious.I didn't look people in the eye directly and was very polite, strangely enough shop assistants responded with more respect than i usually experience just as myself. I'm not sure if it was because they thought i was crazy or some bizarre artist. I'm also 80 percent sure i made a little kid cry. i just walked past he stared and then burst into tears. That was an ego boost.  I adapted more clothes here from the punk and vintage movements than the ones afore mentioned. Tomorrow I'm going to do a sweet Lolita mixed with some KO-gal. Also today i tried to adapt myself more culturally, I don't wear shoes inside, my house now has its own "mud" room ( a room for my shoes" i wear slippers or socks as is custom). Also I had a traditional rice and chicken dinner which i ate with chop sticks. NOT easy i tell you. I'm also trying to learn different phrases in Japanese. 

Today I learnt:

Good Morning: Ohayou/ 

Ohayou-gozaimasu (Polite)

Good evening: Konbanwa. 
Good night: Oyasumi/ 
Oyasuminasai (polite)
Good bye: Sayounara


  1. So so rad!
    Im amped to see what you come up with for Gothic Lolita :)
    so cool. brave

  2. Agreed. Gothic Lolita will blow minds.
    Although I bet a lot of people will just be super ignorant.