Monday, March 14, 2011

An Introduction

For those of you who may know me a little better you will be familiar with my borderline obsession with Japanese culture specifically among the youth. You will also be familiar with my outspoken and honest approach to my inter-personal interactions. Some may go so far as to call me rude. My social filter is a little broken. But it generally makes for interesting conversations and witty possibly sometimes obnoxious banter.
The japanese culture is one built on respect and the consideration of others. There is a consciousness of the collective above the individual. Etiquette and social graces are a part and parcel of everyday life. One would think that this form of lifestyle and highly considerate nature of their inter-personal relations would be reflected visually by a toned down culturally traditional dress. This however, is most definitely not the case, with one of the most highly individualized, exhibitionist sense of fashion adopted by  the youth the world has ever come across.
For me this is fascinating that a culture so introverted socially is so exhibitionist in how they project themselves visually. For me this is alien territory, I generally only wear three colours at a time, although I may have a different broadly creative style, it is mundane and safe in comparison to how the Japanese youth adorn themselves.
For the next 10 days I will remove myself from my comfort zone and transport myself into a culture that is foreign to me. Turning my outspoken nature into one of respect and the consideration of others, as well as dress, diet, etiquette and social graces. I don't know where i will end up or how this will affect me and those around me. But being part of a more visually conservative western society I expect interesting reactions and discomfort, particularly on my part. A person whom may be opinionated and outspoken but equally shy and vulnerable.
This blog is me, my obsession, my exploration, my research into Japanese street culture, my personal journey into respectful exhibitionism.
Konnichiwa, I am Bera Haruka.

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