Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day Three

Day three and feeling like its day 12, phew talk about high maintenance. 
I mean I love clothes like any girl but I sure am missing the simplicity of my 3 colour outfits...

Well generally two non-colours and a basic colour. All co-ordinated right down to my accessories or lack there of depending on my mood. HOT DAMN I did not realize the extent of my own obsessive compulsions. 

So after yesterday's cutesy fiasco I decided to maybe try something a little more "edgy".  cough.A fashion style inspired by 80's pop, combining modern clothes with vintage/thrift pieces. The whole fashion was inspired by a shop called SPANK! also linked to Pop Kei and elements of Decora. Basically colourful, cute and cooky.  think sneakers, colourful socks, plushie toys,excessive hair accessories, leg warmers,bows etc



and here's a link to a POP KEI tumblr

Today i was once again affronted with the typically western fetishized perception of Japanese fashion specifically as a female. I mean there is the obvious stereotype of a Japanese school girl popularized in western movies and anime. I want to delve into this a little more deeply in my next post  with some academic references to back me up. It once again shows ignorance and the stereotypical nature of  "western" conditioning. Putting everything into neat little boxes with labels. Preconceived idea's much?

In terms of attitude, i found it difficult to be polite today. This is probably due to my 3 hours of sleep, monster traffic session and being maladjusted/getting used to so much attention. 
I find I get rather dirty looks from women and some interested looks from men.
Which is rather strange as I'm practically covered up and layered within an inch of my life. BUT HEY, there's the stereotype coming up again.

I am just grateful in my own way that I am as confident within myself as I am because if i was more sensitive to how I am seen by others I'm not sure if I would be able to withstand this endeavor.

As i was driving home and pondering my well of feelings i was listening to Baths and they used a sample in one of their songs which was
"It takes a lot of courage to go out there and radiate your essence"
this really resonated with me, I mean in a sense that's what I'm doing, I'm embracing my semi-secret obsession and in the process discovering the essence of the true Bella and challenging her through Bera. I hope my courage holds. 

This was today:

Thank you all for the support. Well the ones that are giving theirs


Heres a video of a Spank! party. 



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  1. it's so funny how this is almost the EXACT opposite of what i did last year, girl. i gave up colourful, patterned clothing, jewelry and make up for 10 days. it sucked ass, but it was interesting.

    looking forward to a geisha post, doll. try and research the fact that there is now a western geisha (the first and only one in history) and the controversy it's caused. it's a little far removed from harajuku, but it'll be an interesting cultural insight.

    love this, love you.
    you'll do great. i'm sure franci is eating this up!